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The unwinding tar ribbon fluctuates, challenges, unnerves.

Ripples, ruts and road kill speeds past beneath us; bloated lumps of fur and grotesque smears along the dotted white line.

When I am not driving, I am gazing out the window, admiring the sun draped hillside.

When I am on the road, I am home.


A Metaphysical Without a View


I emerge from the darkness of sleep and I am standing in the infinite hallway of the subconscious mind.

Hundreds of white doorways line long white walls; all are closed and some are locked. The fluorescent lights cover the ceiling like a buzzing, glowing mosaic.

This place makes me feel weirdly relaxed; a strange dimension where I can never stay long. This is the safe house – a sub-conscious waiting room.

The rule is: I have to open a door and walk through it. There are no clues in this place suggesting what could be on the other side. I might find a garden path leading to future nostalgia, or face to face with the glowing eyes of the lingering fears.

Choose now, don’t think too hard about it or the material world will invade the meditating mind. Time doesn’t stop in any realm and soon I’ll wake up, hurtling back into a frenzy of distractions and mortal shortcomings.

I count seven steady breaths as I walk quickly down the corridor, face the door on my left and turn the handle, then walk into the light.


Peaceful Ramblings


Words are flowing freely, cascading across the page like the river. It’s as though the pen scribbled out the blockage in it’s’ quest to fill notebooks with squiggly handwriting, and maybe one day point to something meaningful.

So, while I plot the story of two people who, so far, only exist in my head, comrades bring their magnifying glass to the attention of neo-Nazis, their compass to the influx of new/old misinformation, and plot the next chapters in the story of Revolution.

Reality and satire have merged, in bizarre seriousness, and there are rumblings of dissent as both sides approach the breaking points of desperation.

The times are always changing, yet hauntingly familiar. Out of somewhere came the words history never repeats, but I reject that concept based on my understanding of the past millennia.

So why not get what we came here for, and wield our collective power now, flex the muscles of “The People” so to speak?

Maybe we aren’t ready…a lack of solidarity would certainly suggest so. The social media platform is a toxic realm, bleeding fictions and misprints. Jerks, trolls and fascist hacks thrive on the regression of human intelligence with endless webs of bullshit that confuse and derail movements time and time again.

Cast aside the fiction trip to avoid cold doubt, it lacks the warmth of realisation. Nobody wants to catch themselves in the midst of battles they weren’t born for, but an individual can only ever find their own truth. Remember, an attractive sheep is still a sheep. If you surround yourself with livestock, you too will join their ranks.

Off the Page



Grey tones echo and grow.
Sometimes it seemed there wasn’t that much to know.
But the day glo that screams hello,
and the conscience debate, to and fro,
to and fro,
fabricated alone.

Fingertips to the sky, hinge from the waist, touch your toes.
Gaze off the tip of your nose.
Breathe through the adversity, hurdle the foes,
try to downplay the blows
and who knows?
Maybe we’ll float away from those woes.

I wrote this while thinking of a friend back home who is having a shit time ❤


For the sake of it: preliminary drawings

Arts, Projects

Making art for the sake of it might mean different things to some than others. To me, it means working on all the projects I never had the time/energy/courage for.


It means ignoring the self-doubt that says “this is crap, no one will like what you’re doing”. It isn’t about what other people like.


It means accepting that the real art is in the creative process, and the final outcome, the body of work, is only the last representation of that artistic expression.


It means submission to our own creative powers, whatever they are, for the sake of it.