The unwinding tar ribbon fluctuates, challenges, unnerves. Ripples, ruts and road kill speeds past beneath us; bloated lumps of fur and grotesque smears along the dotted white line. When I am not driving, I am gazing out the window, admiring the sun draped hillside. When I am on the road, I am home. Advertisements

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A Metaphysical Without a View

I emerge from the darkness of sleep and I am standing in the infinite hallway of the subconscious mind. Hundreds of white doorways line long white walls; all are closed and some are locked. The fluorescent lights cover the ceiling like a buzzing, glowing mosaic. This place makes me feel weirdly relaxed; a strange dimension […]

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Peaceful Ramblings

Words are flowing freely, cascading across the page like the river. It’s as though the pen scribbled out the blockage in it’s’ quest to fill notebooks with squiggly handwriting, and maybe one day point to something meaningful. So, while I plot the story of two people who, so far, only exist in my head, comrades […]

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Off the Page

Grey tones echo and grow. Sometimes it seemed there wasn’t that much to know. But the day glo that screams hello, and the conscience debate, to and fro, to and fro, fabricated alone. Fingertips to the sky, hinge from the waist, touch your toes. Gaze off the tip of your nose. Breathe through the adversity, […]

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