Love Letter to the City

Sun comes up over city lights. Street urchins devoured the night. One person peering out the window sees another person doing the same five meters away yet we’ll never speak to each other or know each other’s names… probably. The city scape isn’t daunting like the desolating landscape of the country. In both places though, […]

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Scibble Extracts

A collection of extracts from my journal over these past absent weeks. 12 May: Second thoughts are curses Quirky perks disperse with stress, What’s worse? An empty lesson or an empty purse? 14 May: They talk like I’m not here, not near, not clear; a testimony to the idea that I might be just a […]

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And it’s not because I don’t believe that you’ve never felt this Or that I believe I’m the only one that’s in this But who are you to hijack my pain? To squelch across the floor of my beliefs And try to show me that you’ve got this Because you haven’t And neither do I […]

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Safety in Slumbers..?

Enough with the fighting, please. It’s a toxic disease; the steed of tormentors looking to ease or displease, to sow seeds that grow weeds. With stolen freedoms blindly appeased, cannot yet see they are down on their knees.

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Off the Page

Grey tones echo and grow. Sometimes it seemed there wasn’t that much to know. But the day glo that screams hello, and the conscience debate, to and fro, to and fro, fabricated alone. Fingertips to the sky, hinge from the waist, touch your toes. Gaze off the tip of your nose. Breathe through the adversity, […]

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Defect Notion (wordplay)

Searching this concept of “progression” a benign veil disguise of inherited obsession, the professional possession to find human perfection. As we go in that direction are we missing the lesson? That maybe, without confession, without dissection of our methods, we risk: self-assassination, annihilation, devastation, not to mention humiliation; sacrificing evolution in the name of systems […]

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