2015 Reading List

By the end of 2014, I was starting to feel like one of those people who doesn’t get enough reading in, and complains about it. So to tackle this source of whinging, (and to give me a fail-safe for a blog post) I challenged myself to read 1 book a month, and write a poetic review. No, it’s not an original idea, but the poems and perspectives certainly might be.


Peaceful Warrior by Dan Millman

The Way of the Peaceful Warrior – Dan Millman

I wrote:

Can a book change lives?
A story to catch your breath
might lead you somewhere…

Lost, annoyed or enlightened,
we will always be changing.


Banksy by Will Ellsworth-Jones

Banksy: The Man Behind the Wall – Will Ellsworth-Jones

I wrote:

Rogue misfit defies;
breaks the laws of law-breaking,
still misunderstood.

When fame is more relevant,
there goes context intended.


Homeless by Andrew Byrne

 Homeless: True Stories of Life on the Streets – Andrew Byrne

I wrote:

Words from the homeless
are worthy of all our ears.
True life teaches us.

Forgotten souls are aching,
smart with hope to be noticed.



Madness: A Memoir – Kate Richards

I wrote:

Internal disdain;
one woman’s journey through pain,
learns to live again.

Strange days and brutal mind games,
sunrise on another day.



Destroying The Joint: Why Women Have To Change The World – A collection of essays edited by Jane Caro

I wrote:

Feminism is
quite likely not what you’d think.
Some women hate men…

Many feminists love them.
Let the judgement fall away.



Slam Poetry: Finalists of the Australian Slam Poetry Competition 2009

I wrote:

I didn’t know this:
there are poets everywhere.
Despair to declare.

No one cares when nothing’s fair
except poets everywhere.



Blue – Pat Grant

I wrote:

Uncomfortable truths
direct internal abuse.
Sentiments of youth.

Message and meaning can be
more than you thought you could see.


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