Reading List – 03.2015

Words from the homeless are worthy of all our ears. True life teaches us. Forgotten souls are aching, smart with hope to be noticed. “There are a lot of good people out there; they’re just homeless, that’s all. Give them a proper chance. They don’t want the world, just a fair go.” – Terry Balmer […]

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Road Trip Snaps

Here is a small collection of photos from our most recent road trip back to Tasmania from Perth, Western Australia. We had everything left that we owned packed into our station wagon by clown car standards. It took more than 7 repacks; none of those are fond memories. For something different, we went via Esperence […]

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Words of an Ex-Slacker

I sat down for what felt like ages, anxiously trying to squeeze out a brilliant, life-altering idea. That moment is strangely magical, when you find clarity in having no idea whatsoever. The blank page is shining bright and I look into it, tapping my fingers, wondering…”what next?” The reward for me is that I turned […]

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Just Passing Through

Most things tend to move a bit slower in the Central-West of New South Wales, especially in the summer when the waves of heat can seem endless. The rainbow landscape, forever on the change, ignores the time controls of human existence. Ominous clouds, hardly pierced by the fierce sun, roll across a flawless blue sky […]

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Defect Notion (wordplay)

Searching this concept of “progression” a benign veil disguise of inherited obsession, the professional possession to find human perfection. As we go in that direction are we missing the lesson? That maybe, without confession, without dissection of our methods, we risk: self-assassination, annihilation, devastation, not to mention humiliation; sacrificing evolution in the name of systems […]

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