Reading List – 09.2015

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Perceptions of life
leave resonating wonder.
Subtle illusion;
the fact is in the fiction.
Chaos prices the ears…listen.


For the sake of it: preliminary drawings

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Making art for the sake of it might mean different things to some than others. To me, it means working on all the projects I never had the time/energy/courage for.


It means ignoring the self-doubt that says “this is crap, no one will like what you’re doing”. It isn’t about what other people like.


It means accepting that the real art is in the creative process, and the final outcome, the body of work, is only the last representation of that artistic expression.


It means submission to our own creative powers, whatever they are, for the sake of it.


New Project: Sheplife Tour Photos

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I love Australian Hip Hop.
I love listening to it in my car, learning the lyrics and watching it live on stage.

In November last year (’14), I had the pleasure of being in the crowd at the Republic Bar in Hobart when Briggs’ Sheplife Tour hit town.


Dunn D at Republic Bar, Hobart 2014

The night brought together local Tasmanian hip hop artists Dunn D, DJ Dameza and DJ Mad, as well as Mildura-born MC Philly, and Mr. Briggs himself.


Philly on stage at Republic Bar, Hobart, 2014

The crowd was pumping – with testosterone especially – and a humorous atmosphere was facilitated by great beats and full grit.


DJ Dameza introducing Briggs, Republic Bar, Hobart 2014

Briggs is larger than life.

If you have the chance, check out any of these artists. They are all down-to-earth guys following their passions: who doesn’t aspire to that?

Check out the full gallery here.

Wedding Art: Easy Paint Spatter Invitations

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Handmade wedding invitations can get daunting if you care to the point of obsession about what other people think.

I made these, and each one only took a few minutes to make. I had accepted that probably most of the people we invited would think they looked cheap and tacky. Cool!

wedding invitation crop

I downloaded the font (DK Oranjerie), you can find it here. I then typed up the invitations in MS Word, and printed them on my home printer, 2 to a page, on 160gsm printing paper. Sliced ’em to make A5 invitations and then went to work spattering the invitations, and the envelopes, with 4 contrasting colours of watered down acrylic paint.


We made 2 types of invitations: one for people invited to the more formal part of the day (the wedding), and one for people invited to the New Year’s Eve party later that night. I also decorated envelopes with the spattering process, and a rubber stamp.

Easy and fun to make; I loved visiting people and seeing these on their fridge; it turned out most of our friends and family loved them.