For the Sake of it: Piss Off Inhibitions

Blind continuous contour line drawing is a hardcore inhibition buster. According to schnick-winky-face Wikipedia: Blind contour drawing is a drawing exercise, where an artist draws the contour of a subject without looking at the paper …in this case, continuously without lifting the pencil off the surface.  Obviously, we aren’t attempting masterpieces here, and the results […]

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New Threads

On a trip to Melbourne last week, Mum found this beautiful handmade journal and brought it home for me. Wrapped neatly in a brown paper bag, I grinned as I held the fresh journal in my hands. I was totally surprised, even though beautiful notebooks and journals are a traditional gift from her to me. […]

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Words of an Ex-Slacker

I sat down for what felt like ages, anxiously trying to squeeze out a brilliant, life-altering idea. That moment is strangely magical, when you find clarity in having no idea whatsoever. The blank page is shining bright and I look into it, tapping my fingers, wondering…”what next?” The reward for me is that I turned […]

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Wedding Art: Save the Date

  I made the Save the Date for our wedding, using watercolours and a fine ink pen. I then scanned it to my computer and sent the image to our friends and family via whatever means available to each guest. Much cheaper than sending out 80+ individual STD’s through the post. Much more environmentally sound […]

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