Safety in Slumbers..?

Enough with the fighting, please. It’s a toxic disease; the steed of tormentors looking to ease or displease, to sow seeds that grow weeds. With stolen freedoms blindly appeased, cannot yet see they are down on their knees. Advertisements

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Off the Page

Grey tones echo and grow. Sometimes it seemed there wasn’t that much to know. But the day glo that screams hello, and the conscience debate, to and fro, to and fro, fabricated alone. Fingertips to the sky, hinge from the waist, touch your toes. Gaze off the tip of your nose. Breathe through the adversity, […]

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Reading List – 03.2015

Words from the homeless are worthy of all our ears. True life teaches us. Forgotten souls are aching, smart with hope to be noticed. “There are a lot of good people out there; they’re just homeless, that’s all. Give them a proper chance. They don’t want the world, just a fair go.” – Terry Balmer

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