Wedding Art: Easy Paint Spatter Invitations

Handmade wedding invitations can get daunting if you care to the point of obsession about what other people think.

I made these, and each one only took a few minutes to make. I had accepted that probably most of the people we invited would think they looked cheap and tacky. Cool!

wedding invitation crop

I downloaded the font (DK Oranjerie), you can find it here. I then typed up the invitations in MS Word, and printed them on my home printer, 2 to a page, on 160gsm printing paper. Sliced ’em to make A5 invitations and then went to work spattering the invitations, and the envelopes, with 4 contrasting colours of watered down acrylic paint.


We made 2 types of invitations: one for people invited to the more formal part of the day (the wedding), and one for people invited to the New Year’s Eve party later that night. I also decorated envelopes with the spattering process, and a rubber stamp.

Easy and fun to make; I loved visiting people and seeing these on their fridge; it turned out most of our friends and family loved them.



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