Home: A Note from West Aus.

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Tasmania: hauntingly strange, painfully familiar, achingly far. It has an unsettling call that lashes wildly across ocean and desert; a spirited place with a frozen echo.

The island is both epically beautiful, and sincerely tragic, with rugged and brutal truths that were written in a long forgotten secret language.

Roads weave endlessly over steep rises and around sharp corners; you can feel the lingering nostalgia in the isolation, and hear the land whispering and murmuring to itself through the wind.

It is indescribable, and it is fascinating. It is cryptic, it is desolate, it is lonely. It is perfect.

I can’t wait to feel the cold air on my face.



Wedding Art: Save the Date

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I made the Save the Date for our wedding, using watercolours and a fine ink pen. I then scanned it to my computer and sent the image to our friends and family via whatever means available to each guest. Much cheaper than sending out 80+ individual STD’s through the post. Much more environmentally sound too, don’t you think?

Oh, and did you notice the Gold Tops?

Other than a couple of fatigue related errors, I’m stoked with how this came out! Now, to start brainstorming for the invitation…
Save the Date 31 12 14